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The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way we approach many things, and higher education is no exception. In our latest installment of Speech Spotlight, we explored what expression and engagement look like during this unprecedented time.

On Thursday, May 21st, the Center hosted a webinar—”Virtual Introductions for Incoming Students: Building an Inclusive Campus Community in an Online World“—on the challenges we face in building inclusive learning communities now that campus orientation programs and some fall programming will now be conducted online.

Fellows Lara Schwartz and Andrea Malkin Brenner, authors of How to College: What to Know Before You Go (And When You’re There), and American University class of 2020 member and Project on Civil Discourse coordinator Isabella Dominique described effective ways to onboard new students online and shared techniques for building trust, transparency and respect in classroom and campus conversations. Center Executive Director Michelle Deutchman moderated the discussion.

Check back here for a full video recording of the webinar.


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