Our second class of fellows represents academics, student affairs professionals, lawyers, students and other experts—each of whom is addressing a timely and complex issue pertaining to expression on campus. Each fellow spent one week in residence at a UC campus engaging with members of the campus community.

Learn more about the fellows and their work by watching this brief video:


Melissa Barthelemy

PhD Candidate in Public History, UC Santa Barbara

Research Title: “Let There Be Light: Freedom of Expression on Campus,” a Student Affairs Toolkit

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Jonathan Friedman

Director of PEN America's Campus Free Speech Program

Research Title: “Free Speech Guides for Diversity Offices, Student Affairs and Residence Life”

Read and download Jonathan's work

Nikita Gupta

Director of the GRIT Coaching Program at UCLA

Research Title: “Transforming Moments of Conflict Through Embodied Leadership: A Guide for Student Affairs Professionals”

Read and download Nikita's work

Spoma Jovanovic

Professor of Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Research Title: “Free Speech & Public Spaces: Voice, Activism and Democracy”

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Rebecca MacKinnon

Director of Ranking Digital Rights at New America

Research Title: “Reclaiming Free Speech for Democracy and Human Rights in a Digitally Networked World”

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Saugher Nojan

UC Santa Cruz Sociology Ph.D. student

Research Title: “Examining Free Speech and Civic Engagement Among UC Muslim Students: What Role Does Campus Safety Play?”

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Lara Schwartz | Andrea Brenner

Director of American University’s Project on Civil Discourse / Sociologist, Educational Consultant, and College Transitions Specialist

Research Title: “Let Freedom (and Respect) Ring: Fostering Civil Discourse and Free Speech in the Classroom and Beyond”

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Emerson Sykes

Staff Attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union

Research Title: “Free Speech for Student Activists: A First Amendment Workshop for Student Leaders”

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Shira Tarrant

Professor of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at California State University, Long Beach

Research Title: “Sex.Talk.Toolkit”

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John Wilson

Co-editor of AcademeBlog.org

Research Title: “Freedom of the Press on Campus”

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