As the 2020 Election approaches, colleges and universities around the country are implementing a range of important initiatives to encourage their students to vote and to assist them in doing so safely. This year, campus voter engagement efforts undoubtedly look different. Without the ability to host large, in-person registration or turnout events, campuses have had to reimagine their voting efforts as they seek to build a campus-wide culture of voter participation. 

As we discussed in our recent Speech Spotlight series on campus civic engagement, increasing voter participation requires a widescale mobilization effort that involves every aspect of campus life. In an effort to assist you in designing and implementing effective voter engagement initiatives this unusual fall, we’ve compiled the following resources and examples. For a more complete discussion of campus voter registration and turnout efforts, please see our Engaging Student Voters Speech Spotlight edition.

Making a Plan:

Voter Registration:

Campus Voting Websites

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