The prevalence of social media and virtual communication in every aspect of our lives, mixed with unprecedented levels of polarization in the United States, has created the perfect environment for online harassment to thrive. There are few places where online harassment is more common than on college campuses due to the high visibility and controversial nature of many students, faculty, and administrators. Higher education institutions have the duty to protect all stakeholders from attacks on their health and careers, particularly threats based on their thoughts, inquiries, or expressions.

We’re proud that the University of California has made the prevention of online harassment and the protection of its students, faculty, administrators, and staff from such efforts a top priority. Earlier this year, in partnership with the UCI Office of Campus Counsel, the Center created resource guides to support academics and staff targeted by online harassment.

The Center focused on this issue in Episode 2 of its SpeechMatters podcast: Leading with Love in the Face of Targeted Harassment with Dania Matos, Vice Chancellor for the Division of Equity & Inclusion, UC Berkeley.

Additionally, one of our 2020-21 Fellows, Nina M. Flores, conducted research on “Tweets, Threats and Censorship: Campus Resources To Support Faculty Through Incidents of Targeted Harassment.” Click here to watch a recording of her “Fellows in the Field” workshop.

Please see below for examples of how all the UC campuses are working towards creating a safer digital environment for all:

UC System Resources:

 UC Offices and Resources for Supporting Online Harassment Victims:

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