Our fifth class of Fellows represents professors, practitioners and graduate students from a broad range of disciplines and backgrounds, and includes our inaugural Senior Fellow and first undergraduate Fellow. This cohort will research complex topics such as the perceptions and attitudes of international students, threats to academic freedom from state legislatures, and the racial and gender tropes Black women encounter while exercising free expression. Their projects will include developing educational materials and programs that can serve as a roadmap to safeguarding and encouraging the robust exchange of ideas while simultaneously upholding the institutional values of equity and inclusion.

Learn more about the 2022-2023 class of Fellows and their work by watching this brief video:

Leslie Garvin

Executive Director, North Carolina Campus Engagement

Research Title: "Disrupting Mis & Dis-Information in the University Setting"

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Neal Hutchens & Brandi Hephner LaBanc

Professor of Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation, University of Kentucky; Vice President for Student Engagement and Enrollment Services, Old Dominion University

Research Title: "Social Media: The Real Campus Speech Zone"

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Krystal-Gayle O'Neill

Ph.D. Candidate, Global Governance and Human Security, University of Massachusetts - Boston

Research Title: "'Excuse me, I'm speaking': Reconceptualizing Freedom of Speech Through a Black Feminist Lens"

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Amna Khalid & Jeff Snyder

Associate Professor, Department of History, Carleton College; Associate Professor, Department of Educational Studies, Carleton College

Research Title: "Anti-CRT Bills Come to Campus: Documenting and Analyzing Emerging Threats to Free Expression and Academic Freedom from State Legislatures"

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Jacqueline Pedota

Ph.D. Candidate, Educational Leadership and Policy, The University of Texas at Austin

Research Title: "How Faculty Contend with Threats to Academic Freedom and Racial Inclusion"

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Danny Shaha

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Pennsylvania State University

Research Title: "Universities' Response to Offensive and Bias-Related Speech and Behaviors"

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Emma Tolliver

Undergrad Student, English and Political Science - Public Service, UC Davis

Research Title: "Undergraduate Student Advocacy in the University of California System: a Handbook"

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Elizabeth Niehaus - Senior Fellow

Associate Professor, Educational Administration, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Research Title: "Beyond the Moral Panic of 'Student Self-Censorship'”

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